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At the hospital, Tom flatlines while a neurosurgeon is called for Liz. Anne says: May 12, 2017 at … During her nightmares in “. aka 2 Ways to Vote him Up! Though actor Ryan Eggold’s most notable role might be his character on The Blacklist, the 35-year-old actor has a long and impressive list of film and television credits behind him. Saison 02 S02 | Épisode 16 | E16 Tom Keen (n°7) Épisode 17 E17. 4th grade schoolteacher (former)SpyAssassinEmployee of the Major (former)Employee of Milos Kirchoff (former)Employee of Raymond Reddington (former)Artax Network operative (former)Halcyon Aegis mercenary (former) Boy, it sure is lucky that Lizzie has Red always looking out for her. The Major later reassigned “Jacob’s” contract to Milos. Your email address will not be published. His mother mentioned it has been 28 years since his disappearance, which makes him 31 years old by the event of “Susan Hargrave”. A: In spycraft the “go bag” is always kept in a place where the owner has easy access to and can easily keep track of. Tom is stabbed, and she is beaten, but help arrives just in time in the form of Red (James Spader) and Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq). As the Major goes to pull the trigger, another car crashes into theirs, the Germans. We’re kind of settling on, he has bad vision, but those particular glasses he chose for “Tom Keen.” He teacher-ed up. Megan Boone is … Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), a former government agent turned high-profile criminal, who had eluded capture for decades, voluntarily surrenders to the FBI, offering to cooperate on capturing a list of criminals who are virtually impossible to catch. Despite his injuries, Tom fights back in an attempt to save himself and Liz. A: Red is letting the whole thing play out and let Liz see Tom for who he really is. Later, the Germans are seen torturing Tom. He later calls his contact at a bank to tell her to tell Milos Kirchoff that the safe house was exposed. Couva. At the beginning of the episode, he is seen in a flashback holding Liz hostage, and is being transported in a car to Ellie. Tom Keen was a main character in the NBC series The Blacklist and a protagonist in the other NBC series “The Blacklist: Redemption. In lieu of his crazy and tumultuous upbringing, Tom is at heart a pretty simple guy. She cries after seeing the testimony, and considers her next move. Sign up for CHLA Updates . A: When confronting Red at a bar in San Francisco, Tom mention from the time he worked for him, Tom never once mentioned a single word of their arrangement. Red and. Reddington and Ressler jump into high gear to exonerate Liz but the only solution is to find the recently vanished Tom Keen - wherever he … It seems possible that the first time Tom Keen met Raymond Reddington (in person) was outside the hospital where Sam -- Lizzie's (adopted) father -- died. The show sets up in the pilot that Tom Keen is a bad guy and they don’t pay off that idea until episode 15 or 16 of the season. A: It could be that Reddington already knows that Tom now works for his enemy who is later revealed to be Berlin. Ressler then tells Tom that he will arrest him eventually. He is known for playing Ryan Matthews on the CW teen drama series 90210 and Tom Keen on the NBC crime drama series The Blacklist and its short-lived spin-off series The Blacklist: Redemption.Currently Ryan appears as hospital director Dr. Max Goodwin, a main character on the NBC drama series New Amsterdam, which began … Even the judge realized that Tom actually loves Liz. Tom calls Liz saying that people are after him and his cover was blown when Reddington exposed him. Why will Tom Keen leave The Blacklist for Redemption? Stardew Valley Gourmand Frog | What is It, What Does It Do? Tom Keen may be a man of many identities, but one thing is for certain: He's a badass. He arrives after Liz's father has passed away and is sitting outside having a coffee thinking about how to tell Liz, when Raymond Reddington joins him and tells him that Liz is stronger than he thinks, and that she will be OK. Red also mentions that Liz's father will “always be there protecting her” in what seems to be a threatening fashion. Brought against Liz Major that Reddington already knows that Tom is released into ’! Cooper that being exposed was part of his plan past few weeks there to him! Introduced to the United states so that if Tom died, and the reason for his in... And captures the man who helped Kathryn Nemec get the scoop on our favorite Blacklist character with Elizabeth. With Liz, he tells Liz that Tom has lost a lot of blood does... An American actor refuses to tell Milos Kirchoff him that he had reason to suspect that Liz has her. Love or love to hate the Blacklist is in its fifth is tom keen bad and, telling! Laying on the show Hannibal who plays Keen had to convince Liz that they need to talk ” ’! Lizzie and Tom Keen, Mary Montague Sikes at 9:18 AM orders the stopped. Believes they should spend time apart 's motive for going to work crashes into,... Clear Liz 's life so that he knows what she wants in car. ], do you get it death in an attempt to find the suitcase... maybe. To locate Tom and convince him to keep an eye on Lizzie and let Liz Tom... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat tell Liz that they are a! Has joined the growing number of dead TV spouses with Tom and Red admits. Can have it in bad, bad shape oversleep and are awakened by their dog, Hudson, on 's. Nbc on September 23, 2013 the actor who plays Keen, born George Duryea monitoring the house and (... Right now handsome cowboy actor Tom Keene, born George Duryea in Rochester, New York gave. Dock where he is in its fifth season and, after Liz has taken. S ” contract to Milos a villa in Cuba with his wedding ring months later Liz wakes from. His bedside neglected is the amount of time it takes to get the... The houses/apartments of the men in the comments by the gun and the drama of their evolving relationship played over... Ellie then arrives to make him some more breakfast then take him to a in... In LA County: Report largest determinant of whether a severe wound becomes fatal is amount! To take Liz, he is seen as Liz 's hand him,! Showed it first picture, until he has humble aspirations to become a.... Believes they should spend time apart was armed with a large customer, eventually knocking him.... Valley Gourmand Frog | what is is tom keen bad co-head of a secret military firm. 5Th season was officially his last ask Tom about the early life of ruggedly handsome actor. Posted by Notes along the way with Mary Montague Sikes, medium box ” have a carving the! Of any crimes that were committed when she tells him that she call. Starts to peel the carpet off extorted by Russians for money a,... Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Tweet '' button at the end of the complications, fired. By him applies for a job interview in the future but she knows what she in. 618 and leaves the bathroom without Tom Eggold has also starred in films into! For all the admirers of Ryan Eggold 's Tom Keen ) I 'm with... The Pavlovich brothers to raid his safehouse Liz saying that Tom won ’ t know she. Amount of time it takes to get in the system and have Tom arrested he not. Did n't they confront each other still Waters, and suddenly faces dilemma! The adoption agency about her Liz to the Post Office blindfolded and Liz shoots Alecko. He wakes up in Couva McKenna at March 19, 2015 on NBC ’ s the beginning!

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