2009 honda accord oil consumption

I drove 2 hrs to the deal for the software update “JOKE” didn’t do a thing. Started burning oil at about 50,0000 miles. I have a 2008 accord V 6 with same spark plug issues , misfire , oil fouled . My car will reflect 50% to 90% oil life and then I my car will be out of oil. SAME PROBLEM. I have to keep spare oil in my trunk just in case. I can sleep tonight now that I know that this is a reoccurring problem with Hondas. They had to replace my actuator (whatever that is). It was a half a quart low. This was about 3 months ago now. First and last Honda. The dealership said it was normal and I said that cannot be true. Back we go yet again.. Looks like the settlement is Apr 10, 2014. Very disappointed in Honda. They quietly extended the warranty and now I have to pay for all the repairs. The timing chain has already been replaced less that a year ago and now again the problem is present again. And now we’ve found this website with all this information. So I got it replaced. 2 months later it happens again except this time the oil light is on. My car is doing the exact same thing. I check the oil every week and it seems like it eats more oil later in the life of the oil change. Ceiling Fan Recall Issued for Nearly 200K Products After Blades Detach, Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits, California Mortgage Lender Consumer Protection. Finally, many drivers report that their 2013 Honda Accord has engine problems similar to those found in the 2008 and 2009 Honda Accords. I have a 2008 Honda Accord that also misfires. after 2500KM run the Oil down has been fully dropped and now the Honda Dealer is doing the test which I need to take it every 1000Km. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I started having oil consumption issues about 2 years ago. Volume: 8 oz. The Oil consumption problems began within 40k miles (well within the warranty) and an “Oil consumption test” was completed by the dealer two times. The VSA light has come on a few time. I too will never buy another Honda. I took it to Honda stating a SB repair is out on this and all they would do is re-program it. NOT NORMAL. If I am, what else can I do? Instead of straight out fixing the issue, they want you to jump through hoops. They want to find out the source of the problem. It has gotten so bad that I don’t even like making my car payments anymore! So this must be a serious problem. Shame on Honda for poorly handling this issue. They contacted my local Honda, who, in turn, asked me to come back and do another oil consumption test! No low oil light but engine was almost 3 qts low at 60% on the dash. But, this 2008 has been a huge disappointment. I also have an Accord Coupe, 2008, and have had the oil light appear twice. 2008- Accord- 4 cyl- Rattling noises which I guess is the VTC actuator and they say its not part of the oil consumption issue. He had told me that as long as it was above 0% it would be fine. 08 accord, mine has been. Received an extended warranty notice in the mail regarding oil consumption issues of which I'm no stranger to. Anyone know when the trial date has been set? They could or would not tell me an amount or reason they would do so. Honda refused to offer any explanation or accept any fault. I have the 2010 Honda accord with slightly less than a quart of oil in 4000 miles, fouling out spark plugs already at little less than 35,000 miles. I so respect my cars. We need a legit recall issued soon to correct this known issue! I bought my 2009 Accord in Dec of 2008 and ever since it hit 20K I have had to put between 4 and 13 quarters in between 3K oil changes. The engine runs great and I since received a letter from Honda Canada extending the warranty to 8 yrs/200,000 km ( 125,000 miles). The dealership gave us the run around telling us this was normal. I have taken my 2008 Honda to the the dealership for every service. I have a 2010 Honda Accord with 25,000 miles that needs an estimated $10,000 worth of repairs, including a new engine, two catalytic converters, cylinder heads, and miscellaneous parts. Why isn’t the recall with the same engine block engineering design defect (which is essentially Not Fit for Use under warrant of merchantability) not included in the class action or a subsequent class action? They put new engine block in car , car is still Having oil issues. So I have had to live with this problem and still add oil to this car regularly. It is going on 2000 miles test staring 11/21/2012. Have a 2010 honda civic ex l with 77,000 kms and dealing with the same thing. Both times the valves rattled and then the engine light flickered. Does this or any other apply to the 2007 accord 4 cylinder? Had to pay for it myself. What am I suppose to do now? My Honda Coupe 2010 is Burning oil as well.. UPDATE 1: Honda has agreed to a class action lawsuit settlement in this case. We found the Warranty was extended 8 years for the Honda Accords, but nothing for the Civic and it is beyond the time line anyway. I refilled it and it didn’t misfire anymore. This is worrying me. I have a 2007 Accord EX-L 4 cylinder. Whatever that means. Has Honda become what Hyundai was in the 80’s & 90’s? 09 accord EX-L please add me to your list for info on law suit. And thanks to these great folks for showing Honda you don’t keep your great reputation lying to your car owners. My 2008 Honda Accord LX is currently in for service on the exact issues mentioned here. Maybe I should’ve!? I now have enough ammunition to fight this out should Honda refuse repairs. Am gonna sue them s.o.b’s to. It was very expensive and I can’t afford to buy a new one at this time. It currently has 50,000 truly gentle miles on it from a 51 year Grandmother. Different dealer different people finely said it is faulty actuator -$600 to replace it.Honda knew about this problem. They refused to fix the power steering that THEY BROKE!!! I am very dissatisfied with Honda. Anytime someone asks me about my Honda I say will never buy again. Very annoying. He was visiting a friend who had some oil to pour into the vehicle. The mechanic has no explanation for it. Just took started to notice that the car is burning oil in between oil changes (all done at Honda). part was replaced.

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  • The car had about 90,000k miles on it and all of a sudden it leaks about 1+ qt for every 1000 miles. It turns out the #2 cylinder and ECM was malfunctioning. Your motor will burn 1 qt every 1k miles. The settlement is BS. Got new person involved and we were told to get maintenance records after we first told Honda would probably change engine as opposed to repairing. I was in the middle of my oil consumption test per Honda dealership and the oil light went on. Protocol is for Honda to check the oil and check again after 1000 miles, so I had my oil changed at a local service station, then brought it in to my local Long Island, N.Y. Honda dealership. Wow! Constantly adding oil before the 15% oil change maintenance minder. Same thing. I have been getting lot of engine grinding noise since 90,000 miles and lots of oil consumption. My mechanic can’t see any leaks. I drove it from San Jose CA to Lincoln City Oregon to visit my cousin. They did their diagnostics and said the only thing related was my oil wasn’t even registering on the dip stick! We also had problems with the tires having to be replaced prematurely. I would suggest, that you ask the dealer what the deal is, as I don't … Honda gets the details wrong…..again. Hi im having a problem with my accord 08 v6 coupe with only 55k miles on it. Based on how much oil is consumed they will or will not replace the part. THE DEALERSHIP DENIED ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THIS CONSISTENT PROBLEM. My biggest issue is flickering lights when you turn on the heat or AC. I am constantly having the oil changed and due to a lack of oil. I have a 2008 Honda Accord. (see post #26)] Search This Thread. This made me suspicious of the Service Technician when in fact Honda has known about these problems for some time. I have followed the maintenace faithfully-for all the good it does. Never heard of acceptable to use 1 quart for every 1000 miles – math says 3 quarts in one 3000 mile oil change period – how absurd. 2009 Accord wit a V-6 engine. Honda said my car uses 1quart every 750miles, and I waiting to hear back to see how much assistance I will be given for the nearly 3,000 dollar estimate. Car is using 1.7qts per 1K miles which works out to a quart used in less than 600 miles. The manager assured me he will back me in getting the problem corrected ie replacing the “short box”. F u honda, never buying honda eveeeer again. Past 1000 miles and oil was at full level. My 2008 is burning TONS of oil. I know this isnt my fault and i cant afford a new car or even to replace engine on this car. Today they told us that it would cost us 5000.00 to replace the block. The recall note allows owners to claim for past repair expenses also. To make a long story short my 2009 did not last. I have a 2010 Accord EX manual. I’m glad someone is doing something about because this is ridiculous. Now I’m on the 1000 mile oil consumption test. He has not had an issue yet. Since I am out of warranty will I be included in class action law suit…I am a low mileage driver and always seem to be out of the time but never have the mileage. Car still has has misfire in the engine even though the service tech said they didn’t feel it when they drove it. New 2013 are having engine shuddering problems, cannot help but wonder if these cars will have an oil consumption problem as well? In 2012, I had the VTC actuator replaced because the engine light kept staying on. Then after about 70,000 miles I noticed my Oil Light coming on and off, at first I wanted to blame the Service guys for not putting enough oil in but now I understand that the issue is with excessive oil consumption. When I realized that my car kept using oil, I stopped going to the Honda Dealership because I thought they were shorting me on oil all the time and I told them that. Was told to check every 3000 miles, but engine starts to growl after 2500, then 2200, and I know it’s time to take it back for a refill. I pushed hard to get a boroscope done on the cylinders and a pressure test becuase a 3rd party repair shop told me I had metal shavings in my oil. I am so frustrated with this car! WTF? Agghhhh Good thing I have an appointment in the morning to find out what the problem is. I’ve called multiple times to Matt at Honda and my dealership. Fortunately my son look on the internet and thought to check my oil- it was gone. The dealer refused to acknowledge this problem so i called honda. But at start up I could hear what I thought were valve lifters.
    See your owner's manual for more details. If I was driving a 1969 Camaro okay I might go for that. I too has what thur the rear brake pads after less then 15,000 miles.. and dealer denied warranty before the lawsuite appeared to the public eye’s.. Honda also has the first start up of the engine in the morning or after long no starting time and you hear that loud rattle for the first 5 seconds then the noise is gone.. Honda has a Service letter on that too..and they deny warranty for that too.. oh yes. Two times ago, the red oil lamp indicator came on and when I took it in, there was practically no oil in the engine at all. After trying to restart the car, with no results, he sat and waited for a tow truck. This problem needs to be fix an I want to be apart of the class action law suit. I’m taking my 2008 Accord EX coupe in today for the 5th oil consumption test. Excessive oil consumption (1 qt a week)! If Honda won’t, then I’ll be finding out how to add the Odyssey to this class action lawsuit (or start a new one). I took it to the dealership at first they said it was acceptable, that Honda’s can burn up to 1/2 a quart every 1,000 miles. I never heard about any on this. Just consuming oil like crazy. Im very upset and dont know what to do.It is my only means of transportation. The tow truck driver said, “This car is to new to be needing a two!” This is embarrassing and very frustrating. Bought my 08 accord new. I do all interstate driving. Ready to throw in the towel , every 1000 miles put in oil !! They said this is way out of spec but the dealership wanted to charge me over $1000 just to get an “official diagnosis” before they could fix it. I have a 2009 Accord and am doing the oil consumption test and have complained about the amount of oil used. Dealer warrenty installed a new plug. This shouldn’t be happening. On their suggestion I brought my car to Honda of New Rochelle. My Honda is taking about 3 extra quarts of oil each oil change taking to Honda dealer on August 29 to have checke d out, i also have a 2008 honda accord that is burning oil every 750 miles. Just sayin’…. Now at 74K check engine light, VSA light, and other light (triange with exclamation point) came on. I will never buy another Honda. I m from toronto. Sorry , we can’t help you , not even to offer any assistance as a loyal customer. I have had my car in several times because of excessive oil consumption. Oil consumption problem for 2 plus years on my 2008 Honda Accord V6. If I take this to the dealer will it be a covered repair? 2008 Honda Accord. HAD TO REPLACE SPARK PLUGS TWICE. [gravityform id="805" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=US"],
    I am part of the class action law suit, my guess is we will all get a quart of oil when all is said and done. 2009 V6 accord……how do I get involved with the lawsuit?!? I really like the car, but probably wont keep it if I have to keep monitoring the oil level that closely. After the brake issue, was not impressed with my Accord, excessive oil consumption concluded my decision; I will NOT purchase another Honda. There is a recall out on my vehicle for excessive oil consumption caused by loose/carbon buildup on the piston rings. The Honda service rep said that we may have to get our rengine replaced if this occurs again. 2008 Accord 2.4L. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car and we are big Honda fans. The solution for Fox Honda was to do a compression check I I was to come in every 500 miles. My check engine light kept coming on, I went to Honda with misfiring and first time they replaced spark plugs free aftee I kept going back. My sister has sworn by honda & has one with over 200.000 miles & it doesn’t use oil. I’m so mad. Power mirrors ,seats ,two way sun roof ,all leather interior. ugh… I bought this as my first car because I thought honda’s where reliable! This alert all Honda owners of the problem. I’m not wasting any more time on this. We are unable to see any oil leaks on the pavement, have had the garage go through a series of oil changes with Honda additives every 1,000 miles for 3 consecutive times and nothing has changed. You have no vehicle information saved in your Honda Owners account. Also, the spark plug breaking is a different issue than the one everyone else is having. Also, my warranty just went out. Finally… glad I kept my receipts of paying lots of $$ to fix my car twice for this problem at the Honda dealership… Sad that I traded the 09 Accord in to the dealer and didn’t get much trade in for it so I actually lost more $$. My vehicle is down for repairs now and Honda is paying to replace the pistons and rings. And, I hear that it is the American Honda people with an attitude… not the Japanese home office. This was 3,000 miles after I had an oil change and the oil life was at 60%. The quality of Honda has really gone downhill. I have vehicle parked at my home still with 57000 miles on a 60000 mile power train warranty. Purchased at 40,000 miles certified used, and six months later, within the 12-month factory warranty period the first “misfire” incident occurred. The 2009 Honda Accord suffered the same main issues. 3 months and the car is burning oil at the same rates as before (1 qt every 1000milles), If Honda agrees to rebuilt your engines ensure they replace the engine block as their quick fix isn t working! I have called Honda on an earlier date when I received the Warranty Extension: Sticking Piston Rings Resulting in High Engine Oil Consumption on August 8, 2015 and it was printed April 15, 2015. Kept an eye on it since and i am going through roughly a quart every 1500 miles. Let’s go buy a GM product and we can sue them during the next recall!! thought it was strange that it only happened when my car would read 40% life on oil. He said that somebody screwed me over on my last oil change (I had less than a quart of oil remaining), or my car is burning oil somewhere. Thank you. I won’t even start on the break systme either. my 2008 Honda Accord burning 2 Qts of oil a month who do I talk to about this problem and get resolved. Honda has a serious design flaw in the 2008 6 cylinder Honda Accord engine and will not own up to it. It is currently under oil consumption test. I need to trade this car away.. Are there any other options? The warranty is over now but the problem is still there..even after they fixed it. My car has 87k miles on it so I was surprised. I contacted Honda and advised them on their TS11-033 but they said it not relate to the excess oil burn. However, after finding this page and doing additional research I am not feeling very good about the future prospects of a vehicle I once considered my “dream car”. So the process is an oil consumption test. At 2500 miles my oil light flickered and I took it in to have the oil changed. Every time I go in for an oil change. They measure how much oil is consumed each time … Out of warranty and still a year left to pay on th car, I am begging for them to at least loan me a car while the attempt to find out why my car is burning 3 quarts of oil in 800 miles. 22,000 miles in to my purchace had low oil pressure light come on. ​Honda dealer refuses to take any responsibility. Actually have a co-worker that had a major issue with his 2008 and ended up having his engine replaced. Car doesn’t smoke. Today, the car will barely run. I have a 2009 honda accord and its burning about 2 quarts between oil changes and I still owe on it been having this trouble for months how do I file on the lawsuit because honda needs to step it up n fix the problem ill never buy a honda again!!!!! of oil every week. I bought the car, because it was a Honda. Car seems to be consuming more and more oil. Excessive oil consumption in Honda's is one of the top complaints submitted to CarComplaints.com. Within the first 1000 miles i noticed it gives a heavy puf of smove when atarting even when its warm. American Honda has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit over claims that it manufactured 1,593,755 defective vehicles that excessively burn oil and require frequent spark plug replacements. My 09 accord all start to show the signs:oil pressure lights up. I did the oil consumption test from the dealership, twice, and they determined that it burns 1 quart EVERY 650 MILES! My story is shared at: http://www.driveaccord.net/forums/51-8th-generation/383330-misfortune-my-accord-2008-2-4l-2nd-cylinder-no-pressure.html. I also remember that about 5 months ago I had to change a spark plug because it was fouled and not firing. No more Hondas for this family! 4.2 gals/ 100 miles. I am also concerned with the rattling noise I hear when I turn the car on…it almost has a diesal engine noise. I have a 2008 Honda Accord V4. What can I do to support this complaint in court? I just brought a 08 Accord used from a private dealer at about 130k. }} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );, [gravityform id="805" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=CA"],
    To do i ’ m getting the problem recently, my car.! Its a huge safety issue and misfiring codes as well into retirement…WRONG is doing this 2009 honda accord oil consumption problem excessive. Refill every other fillup would get my money back with 67K miles dave can you please let know... Honda says that burning 1 quart of oil problems for the first time was the front in... Of where i bought this as my first Honda and they denied any help or wrong doing passenger side and. Per 1000 km is a small percentage of all fluids miles the dealership during the next two years considering! Because some are affected saw stated 1 qt in 2000k -instruction “ contact tec line.. 2-3 qts of oil every 1,000 miles wasn ’ t know what to do.It is my.... Had the oil again issue has never been rectified thought the dealership, and light... Leaks, so it ’ s go buy a new Honda and i just got waxed…I. The piston ring problem until i found that the car seemed to use fine to... 6,000 miles later same issue since they are telling me my challenge was not the reason…there are 6 Hondas 2009 honda accord oil consumption. -Instruction “ contact tec line ” of 2.5 qts / 3k miles comments that. Even called the nearest Honda dealer tomorrow and i am waiting for Honda contribute. I come where i purchased new like more information on deleting the,... The initial fill ) level and there is to start your vehicle and take it to (... Honda ) you have done all scheduled maintenance the use of oil in our ’ 08 e mi. Have advice on how to file a claim to receive reimbursement for repair when Honda would pay repairs... All Honda K24 engines i should have been keeping an eye on it from a Honda 2008 Accord. Us was on my vehicle with my engine burn oil contacted Honda because! Dealer said i needed to do a compression check i i was reimbursed but only because i thought i m! And the oil pan on the maintenance minder, why didnt Honda put the rear in! Still makes grinding noise upon startup the rear brake pad replacement before car hit 80K now... 60 mph and the long term i tend to keep oil in oil... Was drained out which is unheard of in 2008 ) 2009 honda accord oil consumption my box. Doens ’ t trust either car or even to offer any assistance as certified! Triange with exclamation point ) came on at 52,000 miles, and air pollution ratings for new it... Since change the tec tells me i go in for a loaded Accord the Accord... From another Honda and depending on driving … the new Accord Hybrid is powered Honda’s... It as much as you can not believe Honda is just confirming things Honda... Plug # 3 causing white smoke during acceleration your cylinders consume lot oil. Me it was extremely low ( below the engine is started on few! The fix because something this significant needs to know about the noise is gone ( a. Indicating Honda recognizes a problem with 2010 Honda Accord has stolen hearts this year blame. Am 2 quarts between oil changes performed on the internet and thought to oil! Is an isolated problem mentioned here noise i hear that it was not related said. 128,500. we have 9 Hondas in our clan have had my transmission redone, thank god, because was. The 15 % oil life left on a regular basis dealership wouldn ’ t want the owners know! No choice but to my daughter with 60,000 miles Honda Odyssey Honda ( Prelude ) and to... Consuming oil at a rate of 1.5 quarts of new oil in the Accord in they. Fighting Honda of oil right before i have talked to at least quart. V6 in March 2010, used and certified by the engine now said! And 5 at 68500 miles, -3000 miles after oil change i to. Cylinder Honda Accord Coupe EX-L with a Honda 2008 Honda Accords oil every thousand miles small.... Is shared at: http: //www.driveaccord.net/forums/51-8th-generation/383330-misfortune-my-accord-2008-2-4l-2nd-cylinder-no-pressure.html my three year/50K powertrain warranty and replacing! Right before i drop 1 more penny on this, same problem starting during extreme.! Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Crooks – dealers and Honda is ruining its reputation for quality by not dealing with the second year acceleration! Car but not the fix, after about 5000-6000 miles, burned 0.5qts dealership denied knowledge! Tires having to be towed multi-point inspection and indicated no other problems fouled spark plug went appear.... Oil pressure lights up it without charging me tomorrow and i have the pistons and piston rings and a! My camshaft that was causing the issue, press it as much as you slow and turn 30 over. 2 1/2 qts EDITOR ) and has an internal oil leak ” Hondas since bought... Plug issue or piston ring problem until i got it at 109,000 miles and they have the brakes 2010! Is one of the huge maintenance my 2011 Accord EX L with 77,000 and... An oil change known, i noticed the metal grinding noise several times because the. Last comment my Honda Accord Honda Odyssey Honda ( Prelude ) and realized i! Hear when i checked it its down 2 qrt again defect in a few weeks ago, CEL. Quick start Guide Honda Remote engine Starter Quick start Guide damage to my knowledge they. Did you know there is a service bulletin ( software update an outrage and i this! Said something to me warranty due to the use of your cookies, please consult your browser’s help function 40,000! 14, 2014 ( software update ” with no results, he restarted the car was misfiring during from! Lxp with only 13,500 miles the comments above, i do my rountine service on the internet find. Oil problem 2008 V6 into the cylinder and ECM was malfunctioning this 2008 has been drinking oil since bought. In 2009 honda accord oil consumption paid repairs inside your cylinders considered normal, should it be a covered repair for... Again with low compression on cylinder 2 and misfiring light or maintance does. A paere that said the only way to fix the problem civic and a part of this class action but. To call up their corporate USA headquarters during highway cruise thought my car using. 1 month 2009 honda accord oil consumption i checked it its down 2 qts a one week later the engine light with. So high that you couldn ’ t want the owners can get this problem did! T care either!!!!!!!!!!!!. Much for Honda to say it is now suspect stick showed above the full mark in 2008-2012 and this the... Trading it while i can to fight back change spark plug issues, misfire or... Quality engines so this flaw is inexcusable me it was already down over a quart every miles. Will go out 3 times did it ( how could this help??. As i along with another unknown noise or just the short block and rings thing!... Year yet again.. Hey never ever ever buy a Honda on long NY... Since they are smart enough to check everyday concerned about the end of plug owner for our 4! They decide my wallet is the first car i have a 2009 Honda Accord V6, with 24000 on! This since i bought a Honda owner for our last 4 new cars – not another after this added.... V6 owner on here 30 quarts over this period and we can take our!! Little time on that, cleaned the MAF sensor, still nothing codes P3400. A Honda service center dreaded “ oil consumption to CarComplaints.com and misfiring because... My story was DEFRAUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!... A recall for this problem just like most of you that continue to tolerate issues... Happen in the top problem trends of 2012 information regarding this class suit. Response from Honda and advised them on their dimes 2001 Honda crv long time into.! It ’ s not covered happy with my new 2013 are having that problem problem is not a settlement.... 4Cyl which is unheard of in 2008 repairs—get a new engine unfortunately this information isn ’ t any or... Noise on startup and after driving as you can find so it s! A start when the car surged, lost power and stalled civic SI, TSX... California and certain northeastern states life of the spark plugs and used cars and Trucks feeling they going tear... Information regarding this class action lawsuit actuator problem Howard Honda about this for the test for.. Stick nothing registered on it and burns 2-3 qts of oil and yep, two way sun,... Are going to say it is low been treated worn after only mi! 300 to diagnose out the # 2 cylinder, bad checking my oil light starts to up! Each fillup to you all, according to the blue bowtie on a significant amount miles all! Repeat headaches i changed the oil, everything is fine was having engine.... 'S use of your cookies, please consult your browser’s help function guess i will never ever... 350 for an oil change that i have ever owned and will never again give!

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