car clicks once when trying to start

I can't start my car and it clicks once when tried. Here's where it gets tricky. HELP Is there a neutral safety switch out of whack? Nothing is locked up I took the belt off and checked and I can turn the motor manually perfectly fine. My car makes a single clicking noise when I turn the key to start it but, won't start. if my car just clicks once when u try and start it and it has a new battery? If you don’t know anything about cars then it’s probably best to contact someone like your local repair shop. What else could it be? The starter is brand new. Then a few days ago, it wouldn't start up at all it would only make the clicking sound. The starter relay clicks when there’s insufficient current from the battery to turn the starter motor; the load drags the voltage to zero and the relay clicks off. Hello there, many different faults can cause your 2005 Honda Element to not start. I've replaced everything by myself such as hood, bumper, radiator, condenser, fan, wheel airbag and the curtain airbag (bags werent reset yet) and now Im trying to start it but it just clicks, all the dashboard lights come up, I'm pressing the brake as well. Lv 5. Re: Motor just clicks when trying to start?? Favorite Answer. Ill get in my car and try to start it and half the time it will start right away. My car has been doing this ever since I been making payments on the car (a year). Source(s): American muscle car restoration specialist. Ive bought a car that was in a fender bender, which wasnt drivable for some time. I tried to jump the car with a friend and the negative cable on my car … 1 0. Dakine858. When I try to start it, you can hear a click that sounds like its coming from the ECU and also hear a click that sounds like its coming from the starter. so yesterday I got back from lunch at 3pm, and then I go to leave work to go home and jump in car press brake hit start/stop button to start car and wont turn over or nothing...but all the lights on the dash start blinking and dancing. I have replaced the battery, its brand new now. 1 decade ago. keep trying and same thing. ... to the post that receives it's 12v from the key being turned to start. We all know what a pain removing a M60 starter is! Relevance. Starter Problems - What Do You Hear When You Try To Start Your Car What if your engine is cranking as usual but refuses to start. Before I replaced the battery it would take 5+ attempts to start but now it starts after 2 usually. My wires have no problems that I can visually see I checked the top to bottom. Next morning it wouldn't start! I put the new battery in and it basically does the same thing, but it takes less clicks now. Make sure you are in neutral. You’re probably wrong, It’s probably the battery. The battery is fine, holds 12volts solid while trying to start. You’re likely dealing with an ignition or fuel system issue, not starter problems. Try running it through the gears a couple times and see if it starts. 12 Answers. Other half I have to keep turning the IGN a couple of times then it will start. It was tested right in front of me in NAPA, so I know its not shot. I try to start it and the car clicks and the clock reset one time. Possibly a little WD-40 on it could help. I got the starter checked by Autozone and it is fine. My car cranks, it's turning over but it won't start. I have a 94 4.9L straight 6 f150 with 151,879k miles and every time I turn the ignition I just hear one click nothing else. The battery was pretty old so I figured thats all it was. Car only clicks when trying to start; New battery, starter fine-What else? Answer Save. Frustrated!!!!! I’ve changed the battery, solenoid, and starter still nothing. Either the new battery is not connected properly or sufficiently charged. Though you hear the fuel pump, this does not necessarily mean it has enough fuel pressure to start the engine.

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